Woman charged with 4th DUI must focus on criminal defense

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Many people do not realize how significant an arrest for a DUI may be. They might assume that they’ll have to pay more for insurance or receive a temporary suspension on their license, but the penalties can be much greater than that. Further, a person with a DUI conviction on his or her record may suffer long term effects, even after serving jail time or paying a fine. The person could have difficultly obtaining or maintaining employment, not to mention the damage to the person’s reputation. One Florida woman may be focused on preparing a criminal defense, as police say she was recently arrested for her fourth DUI.

Authorities claim that the woman hit two parked cars on a recent evening. They say she was driving in a parking garage and struck both the cars and a concrete wall. Officers on the scene stated that she was showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol, such as changes in her mood and difficulty staying awake.

The woman was taken to a nearby health facility for treatment after the incident. Police claim that they saw other signs of her being impaired. They also say she would not provide a blood sample. The woman is facing charges of DUI and driving with a suspended license. Arrest records say this is the fourth time she has been arrested for DUI and the second time she has been arrested for driving on a suspended license.

A person in a situation similar to the one this woman finds herself in would need a strong criminal defense. A DUI conviction in Florida is punishable by fine, jail time and license suspension. If a person has more than one DUI conviction on his or her record, or even on a first offense if the blood alcohol content exceeds .15, a court could order that an ignition interlock device be installed on the person’s car. For these reasons, it is imperative that anyone facing DUI charges knows all of the available legal options.


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