Fatal bicycle accident has serious consequences for driver

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When a vehicle accident results in a person’s death, it is always a sad event, but the tragedy seems amplified when the victim is a child. The family may struggle with questions about why the event occurred and how they might possibly go on, not to mention the sadness over losing someone who didn’t get the chance to have a long life. One Florida family is likely experiencing just that after a young boy lost his life to a bicycle accident involving a car.

The woman accused of causing the collision recently received her sentence. Authorities say that the incident happened earlier this year. One morning, the 9-year-old boy was crossing at a crosswalk, on his bike, accompanied by his sister. Police say that the accused woman was driving her pickup truck and hit the boy. They also say that she drove past a stop sign when she hit him, dragging him around 15 feet before stopping.

The woman reports that she saw the boy’s sister, but not him. A man passing by the scene attempted to administer medical attention, but was unable to save the boy. The woman was found guilty of failing to yield to pedestrians. She will have her license revoked and face a significant fine.

The family of the boy has indicated that they want to file a civil claim against the woman for the bicycle accident. Even if she hadn’t been found guilty, this would still be an option for them. Anyone here in Florida who has lost a loved one to a careless driver may want to consider taking the same action. An attorney with experience in handling wrongful death claims may be a family’s best chance at seeking justice.


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