Bicycle accident caused by intoxicated driver, police say

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In Florida, the warmer weather means people can partake in outdoor activities much later into the year than in many other places in the country. Walking and riding bikes are favorite pastimes of many people, but they are not without risk. When cyclists or pedestrians are near traffic, they risk being struck by a vehicle, leading to injury or even death. This is what police say occurred after a bicycle accident allegedly caused by a drunk driver left a man with serious injuries.

According to police, the accident happened on a recent early evening when a man driving a car rear-ended another vehicle. Authorities say that the man driving the first car fled the scene when the other driver moved his or her car off the roadway. The fleeing driver then allegedly hit a 36-year-old cyclist. The cyclist suffered several serious injuries and had to be rushed to a hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Witnesses claim that the driver of the car showed signs of impairment when he got out of his car after hitting the cyclist, and law enforcement backs this assessment up. The driver says that he rear-ended the first vehicle when another car rear-ended his, but authorities report that there was no damage to his car. He is facing charges of leaving the scene of a crash and driving under the influence with serious bodily injury.

Even if the driver is not convicted of the charges he is facing, the cyclist or his family could still make a civil claim against him and any/or other parties deemed responsible for the incident. Victims of a bicycle accident like this one often need extensive medical care that insurance may not fully cover. A successfully-litigated civil claim here in Florida could result in monetary damages that may help the cyclist move forward with recovery.


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