Sex crimes: Man accused of preying on children via internet

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Those who have faced charges relating to a sex crime know all too well how drastically it can change their lives. They may feel as though there is no way for them to defend themselves against such charges, but that is not the case. A thorough criminal defense strategy may be their best chance at a favorable outcome. One Florida man will likely need just that as he faces charges relating to a targeted operation that was looking for people who purportedly wanted to perpetrate sex crimes on children.

Authorities claim that the man propositioned a child, who was actually an undercover officer, over the internet. They claim that the man communicated sexual messages with the officers who were pretending to be 14 or 15-year-old kids. The police arrested the man and 10 other people as part of the sting operation. They all stand accused of traveling to meet children for sex.

When the alleged offenders reached the location the officers gave them, they were arrested. The entire operation lasted over five days. The 11 people arrested are facing charges such as use of a computer to lure a child, traveling to seduce, solicit, lure and/or entice a child, attempted lewd or lascivious battery and using a two-way communication device in commission of a felony.

Whatever the outcome of these arrests may be, they serve to highlight just how important it is for anyone accused of sex crimes to have a strong criminal defense. A conviction for a sex-related crime can result in jail time, being put on a sex offender registry and damage to one’s personal and professional reputation. An attorney here in Florida with experience in this type of criminal defense will work to obtain the best possible outcome for the client.


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