Motorcycle accident claims two lives

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Though a lot of the rest of the country is dealing with snow at this time of year, many people in Florida are still enjoying many warm weather activities. For example, many people are still riding their motorcycles, for both recreation and transportation. This means, unfortunately, many of those riders are at risk of getting into a motorcycle accident. Since motorcycle riders don’t have as much protection as those people riding in passenger vehicles, they face a higher risk of injury and even fatality. Recently, two people lost their lives after their motorcycle was struck by a vehicle.

Authorities say that the incident happened on a recent evening. Two people, a man and a woman, were headed north on their motorcycle. Police allege that a pickup truck in the same area, driving southbound, attempted to turn left and went into the path of the motorcycle. The motorbike apparently struck the truck on its right side.

The driver and passenger on the motorcycle were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Though they were both wearing helmets, they did not survive their injuries. The driver of the truck was uninjured. There is no word on whether police intend to charge the truck driver with any crime in connection with the accident. Police also haven’t announced whether there were any contributing factors to the accident such as intoxicated driving or excessive speed.

Even if Florida authorities do not file any criminal charges against the pickup truck driver, he or she may still face consequences from this motorcycle accident. The families of the victims may decide to file wrongful death claims against the truck driver. If such a claim is successful, it could result in monetary damages that could be used to cover financial losses related to the crash. An attorney with experience in this area of the law could advise those who are in a similar situation.


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