Criminal defense likely needed for charge of DUI manslaughter

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Though it often seems otherwise, it is not uncommon for everyday people to have an intoxicated driving charge in their past. Consumption of alcohol as part of social gatherings is a normal part of life for many, and that sometimes results in a DUI. Having this type of charge on one’s record can be more serious than some people realize, so it is important that an accused person considers options for criminal defense very carefully. One Florida man may need to do just that after police claim that he caused a fatal accident due driving under the influence.

Officers say that the recent weekend morning crash happened at the intersection of a highway and local road. A passenger vehicle was waiting at a traffic signal when, police say, it was rear-ended by a pickup truck. A female passenger seated in the back of the car died, and three other people — including a child — had to be rushed to hospitals for treatment.

Police say that toxicology reports confirm that the pickup truck driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. He is facing multiple charges, including DUI manslaughter. There is no word about the current condition of the victims who were taken to the hospital.

In cases like this one, people charged with DUI may recognize how important criminal defense is in reducing or avoiding jail time or fines as part of punishment through the justice system. However, they may not realize how these kinds of charges may affect their entire life. DUI convictions in Florida may impact a person’s ability to obtain employment or a loan, not to mention the social stigma that often comes with this type of conviction. An attorney with experience in defending DUI charges may be an accused person’s best chance at as favorable an outcome as possible. 


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