The added complications of a truck accident

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One of the most disruptive and complicated matters to deal with is a motor vehicle accident. Following a collision, you may have weeks or months of inconveniences as you haggle with insurance companies, police and auto repair mechanics. Even more complicated is an accident in which you suffer injuries. You may be handling these matters from a hospital bed or on crutches.

If your accident involved a tractor-trailer, you can expect to multiply these troubles many times. Most critically, you will likely have much more serious injuries or even the sorrow of losing a loved one. The aftermath of a tractor-trailer accident can be much more complicated than a collision with a passenger vehicle.

More to worry about

It may seem logical that a larger, heavier vehicle is going to cause more damage than a smaller one. However, until you are in the middle of it, you may not realize just how complex the situation can become. In addition to the potential for more serious injuries, the following may also be factors you will have to deal with:

  • The trucker may not be the owner of the rig. The rig may be the property of another individual or company that is responsible for its maintenance and repairs.
  • The owner of the truck may contract maintenance and repairs to another company, which may be liable if the accident resulted from mechanical failure.
  • The employer of the trucker may hold some responsibility if he or she hired the trucker without doing thorough background checks, drug testing or training.
  • The trucker, owner, trucking company, cargo company and others may each have their own insurers with whom you will be dealing.
  • You will need to have some understanding of the complex laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry to recognize if violations of these laws contributed to your accident.
  • An analysis of the truck’s black box data will be important evidence that you will need to compare to other evidence.

These and other issues are critical components in the aftermath of a trucking accident. If you are recovering from the serious injuries you suffered in such an accident, you may not have the time or strength to face these challenges. Nevertheless, they may be key to obtaining the funds you require for your medical needs and other expenses, whether through insurance claims or a personal injury case. An experienced Florida attorney will have the skill to manage these and other issues while you recover from your injuries.


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