High-asset divorce: Does getting promoted lead women to divorce?

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Divorces happen for many reasons, to all kinds of people. Some may mistakenly believe that they will never get a divorce, but it is a relatively common occurrence across all demographics. Even so, sometimes experts can spot trends that may reveal how likely it is that someone will get divorced. One recent study may interest Florida families as it apparently shows that women who have a certain measure of career success may be more likely to end their marriage, resulting in a high-asset divorce.

The study looked at both men and women working at private companies that had at least 100 employees. It found that when women received a major promotion, at the CEO level, they were twice as likely to get divorced within three years of the promotion, compared to men. Even when the researchers looked at other industries, the trend seemed to hold true. Women who worked as doctors, law enforcement, clergy, and even women who were successfully elected as public officials were nearly twice as likely to divorce. 

Experts think that several factors may cause couples in these situations to divorce. It often means they don’t spend as much time together, have to redistribute housework or that the husband may not be able to adequately handle the new power dynamic in the relationship, particularly if the wife is now making more money. Experts say women may be able to avoid divorce by ensuring they marry someone who is close to their equal, in age and mindset.

No matter the reason that two people decide to divorce, it is important that they are each prepared for the legal part of the process. Here in Florida, a divorce attorney who has extensive knowledge in handling high-asset divorce can be of value. Working with a skilled legal professional can give a person the best chance at starting his or her new life off on the right foot.


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