Will motor vehicle accidents increase with daylight savings time?

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In just a few weeks, people across the nation will be setting their clocks ahead to begin Daylight Saving Time. Many people complain that it is bothersome to make the switch and generates fatigue. Some scientists recently released a study that it may also be dangerous. They claim that the clock shift increases the risk of fatal motor vehicle accidents. The state of Florida is considering whether to eliminate DST altogether and studies like this one may encourage lawmakers to pursue the change.

The study looked at over 730,000 recorded accidents over a period of 21 years. They considered incidents from all over the country, though they eliminated the two states that don’t follow DST. When accounting for certain controls, the researchers say that the rate of fatal accidents went up the week after DST began each year. Even when DST changed from April to March, the rise still occurred.

Even more concerning, the researchers found that people who live in the western parts of their time zone are at an increased risk of a fatal accident. Those people already get less sleep than those living in the eastern part of a time zone. The study reported that fatal accidents went up 8% in western portions of time zones. 

Even when there may be many factors for motor vehicle accidents, people who cause them can still be held accountable. Those who are hurt or have lost a loved one to a car crash may want to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim with the assistance of an experienced Florida attorney. A successful claim could result in monetary damages that may help victims cover costs incurred as a result of the crash. 


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