Sex crimes: Teacher’s aide accused of sexting student

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Many people with a criminal record face judgement from their communities, but those charged with sex-related offenses often feel they receive significant criticism. Those accused of committing sex crimes not only have to worry about punishment from the legal system, they may also have difficulty for the rest of their lives once they’ve fulfilled their sentence. This is what one Florida woman could be facing after she was arrested for sending sexually explicit online messages with an underage student with special needs.

The woman worked as a teacher’s aide at a private school for children with special needs. Police say that the woman sent sexually inappropriate videos and photos to a 16-year-old student through the social media site Instagram. A friend of the student allegedly told school officials about the illegal communication and then ran away from home, fearing retaliation. One of the parents of the friend is the one who brought the case to the attention of police.

The teacher’s aide is facing charges of transmission of materials harmful to minors and tampering with evidence. She was taken to jail but has been released on bond. Police allege that the school did not want to involve authorities despite the fact that school officials are mandated by law to report suspected abuse to law enforcement. 

Whatever the outcome of this particular case may be, the Florida woman at the center of the accusations could be facing serious consequences. Besides the potential for jail time, fines and probation, she could struggle to obtain future employment, secure a loan or even see her personal reputation damaged. Anyone facing charges for sex crimes will want to consider having a strong criminal defense strategy in place by a competent attorney to facilitate the best possible outcome.


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