Motor vehicle accident: Collision leaves 3 seriously injured

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Most people admit that there are times in their lives when they’ve been careless. Most of the time, those instances end up harming no one, and the person who wasn’t being conscientious learns his or her lesson and moves on with life. There are other times when carelessness can have devastating consequences. The Florida Highway Patrol had to investigate a recent motor vehicle accident that could have been due to a driver’s failure to exercise caution while driving, leaving three people seriously injured.

The crash happened on a recent morning. The FHP reports that several vehicles were driving through a construction zone. The driver of one of the cars, heading west, allegedly attempted to pass another vehicle in a zone where passing was not allowed. His car ended up colliding with another head-on, according to police, and then spun and hit an unmarked Sheriff’s Office vehicle before coming to a stop.

Two people in the second car were seriously injured and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital. The driver of the first car was critically injured himself, requiring emergency treatment. Authorities say that they intend to file charges in connection with the incident, though they have not announced exactly what those charges will be.

The driver and passenger of the second car may need significant treatment to heal from their injuries, and even then, a complete recovery might not be possible. No matter what criminal charges are filed, they could decide to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver of the first car if he is deemed to be at fault for the motor vehicle accident. Here in Florida, a successfully-litigated claim could result in monetary damages that may help a victim cover necessary expenses related to this kind of crash. An attorney with extensive knowledge of this area of the law can answer questions for anyone in a similar situation.


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