Florida driver charged with DUI after pedestrian accident

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When a motor vehicle accident occurs, especially one that results in serious injuries, there is an understandable desire for answers. Additionally, there is sometimes a desire to place blame. Unfortunately, these desires can lead to assumptions about the cause of an accident, often that drugs or alcohol were a factor. For example, it is unclear what evidence supports the allegations of driving under the influence, or DUI, that a young Florida driver now faces.

The accident that led to the 20-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened around midnight on a day in mid-June. Police believe that the driver struck a 35-year-old pedestrian who they say was crossing a street outside of a crosswalk. The pedestrian reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries.

The injured man’s identity has not been released upon the request of his family. Though law enforcement officers claim that the driver showed signs of impairment, it is unclear what those signs were. In addition to the DUI charge, the driver is also facing a charge related to possession of marijuana. 

Unfortunately, it might be easy for law enforcement officers to assume that DUI is a factor in an accident involving a young driver that occurred during the early morning hours. However, the court demands that there be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to convict someone of a crime. Assumptions alone do not meet this requirement. Because few people facing such charges in Florida have experience with the criminal justice system, defendants often feel unprepared to make the decisions that will likely impact the rest of their lives. However, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys who can guide them through the process.


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