Motor vehicle accidents: Fatal multi-car crash on Turnpike

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A crash on the Florida Turnpike that killed one person and injured several others has left police with a number of questions. Fatal motor vehicle accidents are devastating for the victims, obviously, and their loved ones. Being left without knowing the precise cause, as is currently the case with this crash, often exacerbates a family’s pain.

According to authorities, the crash happened on a recent early evening. A van headed south on the Turnpike encountered some traffic, and the driver apparently did not slow down appropriately. Police say that it struck the back end of a second van, causing that vehicle to run into a pickup truck. 

The woman driving the second van and her two passengers were seriously injured in the crash. A woman in the first van died, and the driver and passenger in that van were also seriously injured. No one in the third vehicle was harmed. 

Police have not released details regarding their investigation. Sometimes crashes like this one involve contributing factors, such as an intoxicated or reckless driver, but police haven’t commented on that possibility. It remains to be seen whether criminal charges will be forthcoming. 

If Florida authorities decide to make an arrest in connection with this crash, the person deemed at fault may face other legal challenges as well. The victims and/or their families may decide to file a personal injury or wrongful death civil claim against anyone believed responsible even if criminal charges are not pursued. An attorney with experience handling civil claims that pertain to motor vehicle accidents is a valuable resource to anyone in this or a similar situation.


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