The road to bicycle safety may start before the journey begins

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You might choose to travel to and from your destinations via bicycle for a variety of reasons. In addition to the inherent health benefits involved, the decision could also help you save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs and avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic while out on Florida roads.

Along with the list of potential advantages, there is also a certain amount of risk associated with riding a bicycle near traffic. As accidents involving cyclists can have disastrous consequences, seeking out ways to reduce the odds a collision may occur and increase your safety as a cyclist could prove imperative.

Safety tips for cyclists

The road to preparing to stay safe while riding your bicycle near traffic starts before you even begin journeying toward your destinations. Some tips to help you prepare to hit the open road could include:

  • Bicycle maintenance: Performing maintenance on your bicycle to ensure it remains in proper working condition could be vital as any form of malfunction could place your safety at risk.
  • Dress for the occasion: Without the protective barriers afforded by motor vehicles, wearing the necessary safety gear while riding your bike could be vital as this gear may be all that stands between you and the pavement.
  • Dress to be visible: In addition to protective gear, wearing bright-colored clothing could also increase the chances other drivers will spot you before crossing into your path unexpectedly.
  • Know the risks: Taking the time to gain insight into the hazards you may encounter as a cyclist could help you become better prepared to handle a variety of cycling scenarios.
  • Know the rules: Knowing and adhering to traffic laws is essential and taking time to better understand these rules could help place you in a better position to stay safe out on the road.

Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of other drivers, and reacting to a fast-moving vehicle that veers your way could prove nearly impossible.

When a collision occurs

If the actions of another driver cause a collision to occur, leaving you with severe injuries, you might be wondering about the next steps to take to seek restitution. With a variety of topics to address during a complex and intimidating process, it might be in your best interests to consult with someone with intricate knowledge of such matters for much-needed guidance. Such advice could prove essential to helping you better prepare to pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve through a personal injury claim.


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