DUI less likely if you understand these alcohol myths

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Many of the residents in Florida, as well as tourists who are just passing through, imbibe in alcohol in their free time. You may be among those who enjoy getting together with a few friends or your spouse to have a few cold ones and a burger. Then again, perhaps you are more the stay-at-home and sip-a-glass-of-wine type of person.

Either way, as a person who is age 21 or older, you understand that you’re legally permitted to consume alcohol, but there are stringent regulations regarding drinking alcohol and then driving a motor vehicle. To avoid DUI, it’s always best to completely abstain from alcohol if you’re going to be driving. It’s also good to know fact from fiction; there are several myths about alcohol that can land you in trouble if you believe them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s beer or liquor

If you’re under the impression that drinking beer means you’re consuming less alcohol or that it won’t have as strong an effect on you as liquor, you’re not the first person to think this, but it’s simply not true. It doesn’t matter if your drink contains beer, whiskey or something like schnapps — it’s all alcohol and it will affect your body.

Cold showers and coffee won’t sober you up

One of the biggest myths about alcohol is that you can sober up in an instant by taking a cold shower or drinking piping hot coffee. Neither one of these things has the ability to make an intoxicated person sober.

A couple drinks doesn’t necessarily mean you can drive

Maybe you think you can down one or two beers and still be okay to drive. In fact, you might be, but there’s also a chance your blood alcohol content level might reach .08, in which case you no longer have legal permission to operate a motor vehicle. If you’re planning on having even a couple drinks, it’s best to secure alternative transportation ahead of time.

If you wind up facing DUI charges in court

If a police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop, the officer might ask you to take a field sobriety test if he or she suspects you’ve been drinking. Do you know there have been some people who have faced DUI charges without ever having imbibed a sip of alcohol?

If Florida police arrest you, it’s best to try to remain calm and to be polite and cooperative toward the police. Most people request legal representation as soon as they learn that they’re under arrest.


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