These 3 things make Florida roads dangerous

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When you get behind the wheel of a car to drive in Florida or elsewhere, you do so with the understanding that you’re obligated to adhere to state traffic laws and safety regulations. Some roads are inherently more dangerous than others, but what makes them that way? Why is it that you can do everything you’re supposed to do but still wind up suffering harm in a collision?

Several factors increase danger on an average Florida roadway. Some issues leave room for you to make informed choices that may ultimately reduce your risk for a collision. In other types of situations, however, you might have little to no ability to avert a crash. The more you know ahead of time about the kinds of issues that make roadways dangerous, the better able to avoid safety hazards you might be.

Road conditions

If you’re driving along a roadway, especially if you’re in unfamiliar territory, and your vehicle suddenly hits several potholes or uneven terrain, it immediately increases your chances for an accident. You might be surrounded by other vehicles, therefore making it impossible to maneuver away from a hole, crack or bump in the road. Hitting a pothole or suddenly encountering uneven pavement might cause you to lose control of steering or could cause damage to your tires or wheel axle, which could then lead to a crash.

The more traffic, the greater the chance of an accident

It’s logical to assume that you’re more at risk for a vehicle accident when traffic is heavy than when you’re sharing the roadway with one or two other vehicles. In addition to traffic patterns, posted speed limits may also be a factor toward travel safety. If you’re traveling through a neighborhood at 25 miles per hour, it might be easier to avoid a collision than if you’re traveling at 70 miles per hour on an interstate.

If another driver is negligent or reckless, you’re in great danger 

You might be alert and cautious at the wheel every time you drive. You have no way of knowing what another driver is going to do at any given moment, however. If someone runs a red light, veers over the yellow line, or enters the roadway traveling in the wrong direction, a collision could occur that results in serious, even life-threatening injuries.

Recovering from a motor vehicle collision can take days, weeks, even months. Sadly, some people suffer injuries so severe that they become permanently disabled. If you’re involved in an accident, the primary concern in the immediate aftermath is to obtain medical attention. Beyond that, it’s best to build a strong support network from the start, including close friends and family members, a medical team, a physical therapist and legal support, as needed.


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