A dog in a car can be a danger to everyone on the road

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However bad your day, you only have to look across at your dog, with its head out the passenger window to cheer you up. Whether it is sunny or raining, your dog is there beside you, tongue hanging out and hair blown back by the wind. Dogs can make great travel companions. However, they can also become a danger in a moving vehicle.

Is it safe for a dog to be loose in a car?

It can be incredibly dangerous for a dog to travel with its head out of the window. Dust or worse could fly into the eye and damage their vision. Or they could impact against something to the side of your vehicle. Your dog could also get injured if you have to brake suddenly or are involved in a wreck. When unrestrained, there’s nothing to prevent the dog from being flung into the dashboard or window.

A loose dog in the car can also cause an accident. If your dog suddenly flops into your lap or bumps the wheel while you’re steering, you can easily end up in an accident. Your dog can also serve as an unfortunate distraction — and it only takes a moment with your eyes diverted from the road to cause a wreck.

What is the best way to secure a dog?

A strong metal partition can help keep your dog in the back. However, while it will save the dog from hitting you, it may not save your dog should you crash. If the dog is thrown against it, it may be enough to kill. There are specialist dog harnesses available to hold the dog in place during a crash. Be aware that some are not strong enough, and others could choke the dog, so choose wisely.

Securing your dog in your vehicle reduces the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, not all drivers are conscious of the potential for problems. If another driver crashes into you because their dog distracted them (or for any other reason), find out more about your right to compensation for your losses.


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