Wind and trucks can be a dangerous combination

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Of all the vehicles on the road, semitrucks are the most vulnerable to wind as they have an increased surface area for the wind to exert pressure on. The risk of being blown off course or toppled over is even greater with unloaded trailers as there is less weight to counter the wind’s forces.

Trucks can be a danger to other road users on windy days

Trucks that blow over can injure far more people than the truck driver. If you are in the vicinity when a big rig rolls over, it could cause you serious injury. If you are on the downwind side of the semi, it could land on top of you. If you are somewhere behind the truck, you could crash into the toppled rig, which may be lying across the road.

Why do trucks blow over?

If you live in Florida, you will be well aware of the destruction wind can cause. Yet, it does not take a hurricane to blow a tractor-trailer over. Even one strong gust may be enough to topple a truck if the driver has not taken sufficient precautions.

How can truckers reduce the chance of being affected by wind?

  • Check the weather forecast: Anticipation is key to planning for the conditions.
  • Secure and balance the loads with the wind in mind: A well-loaded truck is less likely to blow over.
  • Choose alternative routes: Certain routes are notorious for high winds. There are often safer, if slower, alternatives to use in the case of adverse forecasts.

A truck collision could leave you with catastrophic injuries and in need of considerable compensation for your injuries and medical expenses. Seek legal help to ensure you get the payout you need. Blaming it on the wind is not an adequate excuse for a trucker to evade liability. 


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