Plan carefully when co-parenting with a narcissist

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Many people think that being married to a narcissist is the most difficult thing they’ll have to do. They’re often shocked when they divorce the narcissist and realize that co-parenting with a narcissist is also difficult. 

Narcissistic people thrive on being almost impossible to deal with. They get power and satisfaction from negative reactions to the people who’re forced to deal with them. When you’re co-parenting with one, this can lead to considerable stress for you. 

Plan for the negative antics

There’s almost no limit to what the narcissist will do to win. This includes lying about things and trying to make you look bad. You should plan for how you’re going to handle these antics. You should let your attorney know about them. It’s also a plus if you keep proof of everything that has to do with your ex or the children so you can present it if necessary. 

Find alternative communication methods

If the narcissist isn’t dealing directly with you, they’re less likely to see your reactions. Instead of having face-to-face conversations, consider communicating through your attorney. You may also opt to use a parenting app to communicate so it can be reviewed by the court. In no case should you ever try to make communication go through the children? 

One thing that might make it easier to co-parent with a narcissist is to have a solid parenting plan. This is the list of guidelines that you and the other parent will follow while you raise your children. Your attorney can help you to ensure that you’ve covered all the necessary points in your parenting plan. 


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