Start planning early for summer custody challenges

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The end of the school year is something that most children look forward to. While it is still a few months away, now is a good time for all parents who are in this position to start planning for what’s going to happen once the children are free from the school schedule.

If there’s any chance you may face custody challenges this summer, here are some tips:

Look at the schedule to set plans now

The summer parenting time schedule is one that’s likely a bit different than the normal schedule. Taking the time to look at the dates of when the children will be with each parent can help you to plan outings and trips. It’s also an opportunity to ensure that you will have childcare when your child is with you if you’re going to have to work. 

Plan for unexpected events

Illnesses and unexpected events can be challenging in some cases. Having a plan for taking care of the children may be beneficial so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to find someone to watch the kids if you aren’t able to or if they’re unable to attend their normal childcare options. 

Put the terms for the summer in writing

Putting the terms for the summer in writing as part of a parenting plan can help to ensure that you and your ex both know what’s going on. This gives you the opportunity to review the terms in the future if there are any questions about what’s going to happen. Your attorney can work with you to ensure that you know what to put in the document. 


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