What is the insurance company’s real goal when you have an accident claim?

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When you see a commercial for an insurance company, it appears that their goal is to have a friendly team help you during a disaster or after an injury. They stress that their goal is to give you financial assistance so you can get through this time and get your life back to normal. 

But is that really their goal? And, if it’s not, how is this going to impact the experience you have after an injury?

The insurance company wants to make money

Remember that an insurance company is just a business. The goal, as with other businesses, is to generate revenue. They do this in many ways, and their marketing approach may stress the “we’re here to help” side of things, but the true goal is always to increase how much money the company makes over the course of the year. That’s it. 

One way that they can do this is by reducing costs. To an insurance provider, the main cost is just paying out the policies when someone makes a claim. Therefore, it is in the company’s best interests to pay victims of accidental injuries as little as possible. Paying anything more than the bare minimum costs them extra and detracts from their true goal of generating revenue. 

As a result, the insurance company has an incentive to not treat you fairly. They may know that you’re looking at $500,000 in medical bills, but they can save a lot if they just pay out $400,000. Whenever they find even the smallest reason to reduce the costs, they’re going to do it.

If you think the insurance company is treating you unfairly during this process, it may be time to seek some help. An attorney can advocate for you and protect your interests.


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