Child support and parenting time

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If you are getting ready to end your marriage and you have kids, you need to go over many legal considerations and emotional issues. In fact, family law hurdles can arise years after getting a divorce, whether a parent fails to pay child support or your ex refuses to respect your rights with respect to parenting time.

Sometimes, parents have questions and concerns related to child support and parenting time. It is essential to understand your rights as well as your obligations.

Unpaid child support and parenting time

From a legal standpoint, child support and parenting time are separate issues. According to the Florida Senate, if a parent fails to pay the child support they owe, the other party must continue to respect the terms of a court-ordered parenting plan. A parent cannot deny parenting time because their child’s other parent falls behind on child support.

On the other hand, a parent must continue to make child support payments if their child’s other parent refuses to let them spend time with their child in accordance with a court order.

Support, parenting and your child’s best interests

When it comes to child support, parenting time and other divorce-related issues involving kids, it is vital to focus on your child’s best interests. Unfortunately, these family law matters can lead to anxiety and depression for children, causing problems at school and adversely affecting other aspects of a child’s life. Make sure that you do your best to provide them with the emotional and financial support they need and try to prevent legal hurdles from interfering with their life.


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