3 tips for helping a loved one with a TBI

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After suffering traumatic brain injuries, people often depend on their families for care and support. However, TBIs may have serious emotional, cognitive and physical effects that impact how people aid those who suffer from them.

Using the following tips may help people support their loved ones with TBIs through their recoveries.

Keeping things consistent

According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, people often experience memory impairments after suffering TBIs. Therefore, it generally helps if family members present information simply and consistently. To this end, they may only present one idea or question at a time, repeat important information, and avoid getting into arguments or giving long explanations.

Simplifying activities

Those with TBIs commonly tire easily after their injuries, and they may struggle to complete complex or multi-step tasks. To help them cope and navigate their day-to-day lives, family members assisting with their care should work with them and their health care providers to create a consistent daily schedule. It may also aid people with brain injuries to break down tasks into simple steps or to give them step-by-step instructions.

Dealing with inappropriate behavior

According to the University of Florida Health, people with brain injuries sometimes display inappropriate behaviors. While family members should point out inappropriate behavior and suggest how they may react instead. People helping loved ones with TBIs should do their best to avoid showing anger or judgment in dealing with inappropriate actions.

Traumatic brain injuries often have life-changing effects for those who suffer them, as well as for their families. Pursuing options to recover compensation for their injury-associated losses may provide much-needed financial support for those with TBIs.


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