How can gray divorce impact your life?

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Deciding to divorce your spouse can often change many aspects of your life. When you are nearing retirement age, topics like money and healthcare can seem even more urgent.

Getting a divorce in your later years may leave you wondering about how to plan for what comes next.

Income and assets

According to Psychology Today, one of the biggest changes most people go through after splitting from their spouses is financially planning out the next few years. You and your ex-spouse may have discussed retiring in another state or traveling, and this divorce may leave you open to new ideas for where to settle down.

The longer two people stay married, the more one person’s finances and spending habits influence the other person’s habits. You may also both legally share the same stock options or ownership of a small business.

Adult children’s reactions

Discussing the divorce with your adult children may seem intimidating at first. They are likely used to their parents being together, and may feel reluctant to embrace this change.

Being careful about not forcing them to take sides can help keep the peace between all of you. Planning visits and building a bond as a divorced parent will allow you to stay in touch.

Health and wellness

After you and your spouse divorce, you may need to purchase your own health insurance or supplement your income by working part-time. You may also learn new ways to deal with stress, such as walking or gardening.

These changes can help you take care of your mental and physical health, which can be different after a divorce later in life.


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