What factors determine the best interests of your children?

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While determining custody, a variety of factors can influence the court’s decision. A judge is often in charge of deciding what lifestyle or choice is in the child’s best interest, since there is no singular definition for it.

As this process continues, you may wonder what parts of your life or your choices impact your children and their best interests.

Health and safety problems

According to the Children’s Bureau, the child knowing a place and feeling comfortable living in it in is important when determining custody. You need to be able to continually provide food, shelter and other basic needs in order to be a stable option.

If odd people constantly come in and out of your house or there is potential for dangerous situations involving the child, the judges typically do not look favorably on that living situation. Living with someone with substance abuse issues can also prevent a child from having a healthy life.

Age-related needs

Some children need different kinds of care depending on their age and developmental process. In some cases, one parent may be more important to this daily care and support than the other. Schooling can also impact children’s development, which means that where their school is influences the court’s choice.

Work schedules

If you are constantly on the road or traveling, this may impact your custody schedule and how often you can be physically present or provide attention to your child. Having a busy work schedule or needing to go overseas can impact you and the child’s best interests.

Paying attention to the home environment and availability of each parent is important in a custody case.


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