How can you reduce stress for your children during divorce?

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Although you may look forward to the time after you finalize your divorce, you may also notice your children feel uneasy and show signs of stress during this process.

Taking steps to reduce these feelings can help them function better at school and feel more relaxed at home.

Avoid choosing sides

According to Psychology Today, talking badly about your ex-spouse in front of your children can leave them feeling torn. They love both their parents, so this kind of negativity can cause them to become overwhelmed and stressed. Even though parents may not assume they notice, they can still feel upset.

Although you may personally disagree with what your ex-spouse does, take care to avoid vocalizing these thoughts around your children.

Make some happy memories

Taking your children out to parks or spending quality time with them during the process of a divorce is one way to help them. While it is important to discuss any fears or worries, having time where your children can play and act like children allows them to get used to this change.

Having times where you both talk or play together can help you both bond, as well as create good memories.

Encourage communication

If you notice your children acting out or becoming sad or angry more often than usual, take the time to sit down and try to talk about their emotions. Younger children may need more time or opportunities to share what they think. Older children may have a lot to say but hesitate to say it. Allowing for open communication can help them overcome stress about the divorce.


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