Statistics on pedestrian injuries and accident prevention

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It is crucial to review the prevalence of pedestrian injuries and risk factors associated with these accidents, whether you walk near fast-moving traffic each day or you occasionally walk alongside the road. Whenever you walk near moving vehicles, you face the risk of an accident, even if you simply cross a road during your lunch break or walk through a parking lot.

Sadly, pedestrian accidents cause many serious injuries each year, and statistics highlight the prevalence of these accidents.

Data sheds light on the impact of pedestrian accidents

Accident data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that during 2020, 55,000 pedestrians suffered injuries in traffic accidents across the country, according to their estimates. Furthermore, pedestrian accidents in 2020 resulted in more than 6,500 fatalities. To look at this data from another angle, a pedestrian died in a traffic accident every 81 minutes during 2020, on average.

Strategies to avoid a pedestrian accident

The NHTSA covers different strategies pedestrians and drivers should focus on to prevent pedestrian accidents. While walking near moving vehicles, you should try to use crosswalks and cross the road at intersections, if possible. When crossing, keep an eye out for vehicles moving in all directions. Pay attention to vehicles leaving or entering driveways, and remain vigilant in parking lots.

Drivers should always look out for pedestrians and remain especially vigilant when visibility is poor (such as driving in foggy weather or at night). Moreover, drivers need to watch out for pedestrians when backing up and respect the speed limit. Sadly, negligent drivers continue to cause pedestrian accidents that result in injuries and deaths, and they must answer for their actions.


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