Your emotional health during a divorce

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Even if you want a divorce, losing the companionship of someone you saw yourself spending forever with can have its challenges. You may experience grief, sadness, confusion, anger and regret.

Protecting your emotional health during a divorce requires regular self-care. Acknowledging the fragile state of your emotions may allow you to take the necessary steps to heal and move on.

Practice forgiveness

A common misconception of forgiveness is that it means you accept the unfair actions of others. On the contrary, forgiving your ex does not mean you condone or agree with any wrongdoings against you, but that you allow yourself to let go of the past and focus your time and attention elsewhere.

Your choice does not mean you need to have a relationship with your ex or even speak to him or her. According to Psychology Today, depending on the outcome of your divorce, your ex may not even know of your decision to forgive. Rather, it means you no longer relinquish your energy or thoughts to past experiences. You can create new energy, new experiences and a brighter future.

Set goals

Another way to boost your emotional health during a divorce is to set goals for your future. Think about what you hope to achieve. Look for opportunities that divorce will create for you. Consider revisiting hobbies you enjoy. Look for chances to socialize. Start a new job. Learn a new skill.

Setting goals for yourself can give value and excitement to everyday living. Sometimes divorce can take years to fully recover from. Allowing yourself time to grieve, feel your emotions and process your experiences can help you protect your emotional health.


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