The top 5 causes of highway accidents

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Car wrecks can cause severe bodily injuries and property damage, resulting in costly medical and repair bills.

Florida has a more significant number of fatal motor vehicle accidents than most states. As one of the most dangerous places to drive, it is essential to know the top causes of highway crashes to avoid potential harm.

1. Distracted driving

Driving with distractions is the number one cause of car accidents. Texting or talking on phones is the top form of distraction behind the wheel. Adjusting vehicle controls, tending to children or pets, talking to passengers and applying makeup are all factors contributing to distracted driving collisions.

2. Speeding

When a person drives too fast, it reduces reaction time and increases a vehicle’s stopping distance. In addition, safety features such as guardrails, wider lanes and median dividers are less effective when speed is a factor.

3. Impaired driving

Driving after doing drugs or drinking alcohol causes one-third of traffic-related deaths in Florida. Operating a vehicle while impaired dulls a person’s cognitive functioning and decision-making capabilities, leading to potentially catastrophic consequences.

4. Fatigue

People cannot perceive and respond to situations correctly or promptly when sleepy. Driver fatigue is a leading cause of highway crashes, as people often drive for long distances on these roads.

5. Slick roadways

When the weather is bad, highways can become slick from snow or rain. Storms can minimize visibility, making it hard to see what is ahead of you. A poor visual range makes these high-speed icy roads increasingly dangerous.

Florida has a large number of accidents each year. Understanding the factors that lead to accidents and knowing your rights if you sustain injuries in a crash is crucial.


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