Can you lower the risk of injury during a car accident?

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You can lower your risk of getting into a car crash when you drive safely, but did you know you can also reduce your risk of injury when you follow certain guidelines?

Your diligence could protect you from serious injuries. Your preparation may ultimately save your life.

Pay attention to car seats

Did you know that the way you sit in your car could impact your safety? Adjusting your seat to an appropriate place gives you optimal control of the pedals and steering column.

Similarly, if you have children, they should remain properly restrained for the recommended number of years. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 50% of children’s car seats are incorrectly installed which could make them less reliable in a car accident. Carefully follow manufacturer instructions to understand how to properly use a car seat, including replacement recommendations.

Reduce distractions

Avoid the temptation to do other things while you drive. Even if you are confident in your ability to manage more than one task at a time, distractions could impair your attention and slow your response. Staying alert allows you to respond with control when you see a hazard.

Follow maintenance suggestions

Ignoring maintenance on your vehicle could put you in greater danger of an accident. For example, worn tires, faulty brakes and engine problems could create situations that put you in harm’s way. Perform routine maintenance in a timely manner. If your vehicle needs repairs, address issues before they worsen.

You cannot control the actions of the people around you. However, you can choose to follow traffic laws and take accountability for your safety. This may improve your well-being even if an accident does happen.


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