How to bike in harmony with traffic

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Bicycling remains a healthy and emotionally rewarding pastime. It is also an inexpensive way of getting around without burning fossil fuels.

Despite this, cyclists contend with motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes. For this reason, riders must follow recommended safety protocols and share the road.

Going with the flow

One of the riskiest decisions a cyclist can make is to ride in the opposite direction of drivers. Besides increasing the potential impact of a collision, this move is illegal. For that matter, bicyclists should always observe all traffic signs and laws.

Looking in every direction

Before turning, it is wise to check that everything is clear, especially from behind. Many bicyclists do not realize how much they veer off course when they look back. Practicing head turns in an empty parking lot increases comfort with this action.

Using hand signals

Arm and hand motions might seem old-fashioned. Still, they remain an effective and cost-free way of communicating with motorists. Before signaling, riders should scan ahead for obstacles. Running over potholes and tree branches while steering with one hand leads to spills.

Ditching the headphones

Portable audio players allow cyclists to enjoy music and podcasts while in motion. Some studies suggest little risk in rocking out on bikes. Others say it makes one less responsive to oncoming threats. Thankfully, anyone who does indulge can make listening to entertainment while riding safer.

Automobile operators and cyclists are equally responsible for reducing the odds of wrecking. When an accident does occur, the biker is more likely to suffer a debilitating injury.


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