Pools accidents can lead to devastating brain injuries

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Swimming is a daily activity in warmer climates for good reasons. It remains an activity that is both healthy and highly pleasurable. In Florida, practically every home includes a pool. Many residents use theirs each morning.

Despite the joys they offer, pools are sources of danger. More than a few scenarios lead to devastating brain injuries. Even innocent mistakes can have tragic results.

Slipping around pools

In-ground swimming environments use solid materials, including concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. Thus, when a fall does occur, the impact is likely to be sharp. Splashing is a natural part of pool usage. If puddles develop on the deck, it creates a genuine slip hazard for those walking the perimeter.

Diving into shallow ends of pools

Many swimmers love plunging headfirst into the water. Everything is fine when they dive into deep sections. The danger comes when they misjudge where they are leaping. A split-second decision might end in slamming into the bottom. If such a knock is sharp enough, it could cause a loss of consciousness. This, in turn, may lead to a lack of oxygen that triggers life-long health concerns or even death.

Failing to maintain pools

General upkeep is part of responsible pool ownership. Diving boards, for instance, need periodic checking. Ones that become wobbly or have worn treads present a significant concern. Swimming areas must be obstruction-free. Visible and accurate signage indicating water depth is also mandatory.

Everyone who enjoys the occasional dip must maintain awareness of swimming safety measures. Lower the odds of head wounds occurring by adhering to official pool protocols.


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