Positive and negative trends for Florida drivers

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As a growing state with a large population, Florida presents many challenges for drivers. Serious issues include reckless driving, distracted driving and impaired driving, leading to motor vehicle accidents that cause death and personal injury.

Recent data reveals both negative and positive trends for Florida drivers and passengers.

Negative trends

According to a report from DriversEd.com, reckless driving, after a brief drop, increased again in 2021. Official information recorded 6,880 cases of reckless driving for this period. This amounted to a 21.5% increase from the prior year.

Data also revealed drivers increased risky actions such as racing, with 1,174 violations of this extreme behavior. Recent data also shows texting and driving increased, jumping by 1,500 cases from one year to the next.

DUIs have also shown an increase, with 43,787 drivers receiving tickets for driving under the influence in 2021. A blood alcohol concentration above 0.8% exceeds the legal threshold for adult drivers in Florida.

Positive trends

Fatal vehicle crashes where alcohol was a factor decreased in 2022 from the prior year. While any road fatality remains a tragedy, any positive trend related to driving and alcohol use offers encouragement.

Florida drivers also show a growing willingness to practice safety, particularly in the area of using seat belts. Traffic authorities now issue fewer seat belt violations than in recent years.

Just over 3,200 people died in motor vehicle accidents on Florida roads in 2022. Though a large number, it shows a 13% decline from the previous year.

A motor vehicle accident can lead to property damage, injury and death. Safe driving practices result in fewer accidents and injuries.


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