Child statistics of spinal cord injuries

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As a parent, there are likely few feelings as awful as being powerless to help your child. Even when you do everything you can, some situations are beyond your control.

In the case of spinal cord injuries, there is often little to do about the permanent ramifications. Even with positive recovery, many victims of SCIs do not regain full control or nerve sensation. So as a parent, it is important to know the statistics in order to understand how you can continue to help your child.

Understanding the basics

About 5% of all SCI cases are children. More than half of all SCIs occur around the neck area, meaning they have a chance of affecting your child’s body from the neck down. SCIs come in two forms: complete and incomplete. A complete SCI frequently results in a loss of sensation and motor control. Incomplete SCIs may result in partial sensation and hampered control.

Knowing the process and costs

The first month and first year are frequently the most intensive. Surgery and recovery involve long hospital stays. Physical therapy may last for months afterward. Even after recovery and rehabilitation, your child may still require new disability aids such as a wheelchair or other accessibility tools.

Each step comes with a cost of both time and money. If your child received their SCI as a result of negligence, there may be options to help recover some of the financial burden. Receiving fair compensation for damages with the right tools and resources can be a small way you can help your child move forward after an SCI.


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