What are the causes of tire blowouts?

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Tire blowouts are a serious safety concern. When they happen, the odds remain high that the driver will lose control and wind up in an accident that results in a severe injury.

Although no two incidents are the same, every tire blowout has a cause.


One reason for tire blowouts is improper inflation. When tires lack proper air pressure, they generate excessive heat during travel. Eventually, this will cause the tire’s internal components to break apart. Operators must periodically check that there is enough air so that this does not happen.


Exceeding a tire’s load-carrying capacity is a recipe for disaster. Vehicles bearing too much cargo place excessive stress on tires. This weakens the tire structure, making blowouts more likely. Truck drivers, in particular, must be mindful of their recommended load limits.

Poor tire maintenance

Neglect is another factor that contributes to blowouts. Failing to rotate tires regularly, ignoring alignment issues and disregarding proper tire balancing can lead to uneven wear and tear. Eventually, this compromises tire integrity, thus increasing the risk of a blowout.


Tire rubber naturally degrades, regardless of use. Thus, aging tires are more prone to cracks, bulges and other structural flaws that lead to blowouts. Regularly inspecting tires and replacing them when necessary is the responsibility of all motorists.

Potholes and road hazards

America is home to approximately 55 million potholes. These and other road hazards can cause immediate damage to tires, including severe punctures and cuts. State governments should fill these holes as soon as they come to their attention.

Tire blowouts are entirely preventable. A commitment to proactive vehicle care, including vigilance regarding proper wheels, contributes to safer roads for everyone.


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