Melbourne Marijuana Possession Defense Attorneys

Marijuana laws are loosening nationwide, but punishments for possession remain intact in Florida. Young people especially feel invulnerable to arrest and prosecution, until they are arrested. Then they realize that their whole lives hang in the balance — not just fines or jail time, but a conviction will cost them their driver’s license for two years, and will follow them around the rest of their lives.

The marijuana defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC, of Melbourne, have successfully represented hundreds of clients arrested for marijuana possession. Our goal at all times is to protect the client from long-term harm. We fight to protect your good name and your clean criminal record.

Defending You Against Marijuana Possession Charges in Brevard County

Illegal search and seizure are often at issue in marijuana cases. You may not be stopped unless police have probable cause and follow proper procedure to the letter. We will examine your arrest and police procedure to detect whether your rights were violated.

When conviction is unavoidable, we work to keep you out of jail by getting you into a diversion program, and when the terms of diversion are completed, we will expunge the conviction from your records.

Our attorneys defend against cannabis possession, and also against paraphernalia possession; driving under the influence of drugs; minors possessing alcohol or drugs; and trafficking of any kind in marijuana or other illegal substances, including prescription pills, heroin, cocaine and meth.

We invite you to call the lawyers at The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC. You will find us to be approachable in person and aggressive in your defense. Call 321-725-5638, toll free at 800-479-3032. Or use this online form to describe your predicament.

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