Protecting Your Privacy And Reputation

Being accused of any crime is a stressful, harrowing experience. More than any other kind of criminal allegations, sex crime charges have the potential to cause lasting harm to the accused. Sex crimes are shocking to the public conscience, which often results in greater discussion and media attention surrounding these cases.

During a criminal case, the prosecution will be working hard to discredit you, undermine your credibility and damage your reputation to bolster their case. At The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys will work just as hard to protect your interests and help you move on from this difficult chapter of your life.

How the Right Lawyer Can Help

Even if the case results in a not guilty verdict, those accused of sex crimes often experience lasting damage to their reputation that can be impossible to rehabilitate. There are many opportunities for your attorney to limit this damage and protect your interests:

  • Before charges are filed: It’s better to avoid a problem altogether than to try and resolve it down the road. If you suspect you may face charges in the future and contact us promptly, we may be able to conduct our own investigation and develop a strategy to protect your reputation right away.
  • During the case: We will make sure your privacy rights are honored to the fullest extent of the law, fighting to keep unnecessary evidence out of trial and minimize damaging testimony.
  • Post-conviction relief: After a case is concluded, you may have options to protect your privacy. Record sealing, expungement and petitions of innocence can help contain the damage and help you return to life as normal.

Discreet Representation From Proven Trial Lawyers

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All your communication with our law firm is confidential, and we will do everything possible to protect your privacy at every stage of your case. To learn more about your rights and options in the face of sex crime allegations, please contact us and arrange a free confidential consultation. You may use our online contact form to send us an email or call our Melbourne, Florida, office at 321-725-5638 (800-479-3032 toll free).

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