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Theft, called larceny in the law, is an easy crime to understand. It means wrongfully taking something. But a lot hangs on the definition of wrongfully: You must have taken something that you had no right to, that was not yours to take.

Theft can refer to tangible things like cars, money and food, or it can refer to abstract things like information, plane tickets or the labor of others.

In our Brevard County criminal law practice, we represent people charged with every kind of property crime. The most common may seem minor — shoplifting, stealing from your employer, selling something that does not belong to you. But the punishments for even minor acts of theft can be destructive to your future and your freedom.

We defend clients charged with:

  • Shoplifting
  • Petty theft
  • Car theft/joyriding
  • Theft of Social Security checks
  • Credit card theft
  • Identity theft

We also defend clients accused of serious offenses such as grand theft, robbery, burglary and embezzlement.

Some offenses are really just absent-mindedness or obliviousness: a person puts an item in a purse and forgets about it.

Many times, the people accused of theft are very young, with no real sense of the trouble they are getting into. Our lawyers step in to protect young offenders from the harshest legal treatment. Our primary goal is always to have charges dismissed, but we work in many ways to avoid the pain of criminal conviction.

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We also defend against false imprisonment, as when a customer is detained by store security on suspicion of stealing — but is entirely innocent.

If you have been charged with a property crime, contact our criminal defense attorneys by email or call us at 321-725-5638, toll free at 800-479-3032.

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