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The Melbourne FL lawyers at Platt Cole Russell & Simpson are known for two things: the successes they achieve in litigation and their willingness to go to battle for clients. The two are related. By going into litigation armed with motions, evidence and powerful arguments against evidence, we send the message that we are not there to lose.

Opponents and prosecutors know we are not pushovers, and that we know the law not just on paper but through the huge volume of case law, one ruling of which may have specific application to the case at hand.

Our cases fall into three practice categories:

The attorneys of The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC are respected throughout Brevard County and Florida for successful careers in personal injury, criminal and family law. Clients appreciate our straight talk. We do not split hairs or spin overly optimistic expectations. But rest assured the other side knows they are in for a battle. For this reason, we win a large proportion of our cases before going to trial.

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Client Testimonials

Simply the BEST representation available in Brevard County
~ Carol

Client Testimonials

Expert, Professional, Courteous, and above all else…Relentless
~ Wendell

Client Testimonials

An attorney who will fight for you.
~ Jacqueline

Client Testimonials

By far the Best Around
~ Jamie