How We Fight For You

At The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC, we are proud of our reputation as tough litigators. We are proud to be tough advocates for people who need legal services throughout Florida’s Space Coast region. We have earned this reputation client by client, handling each case as thoughtfully and aggressively as we would our own.

In the battle for your rights, experience matters. In our decades of combined legal practice, we have learned how to anticipate the other side’s tactics, defend against them and structure a case to maximize your chances of success.

The Other Side Has Experienced Lawyers. You Should, Too.

The opposition — whether it is an insurance company, a prosecutor or your former spouse’s lawyer — knows which law firms are ready and willing to fight for their clients. This affects how they pursue their case. If they know your lawyer will accept a mediocre result rather than take a case to trial, a mediocre result is likely what you will get.

When the opposition knows that your attorney is willing to fight, they take you more seriously. Even if we do not end up taking your case to trial, knowing that we are prepared to do so often results in a better outcome.

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Combatants in the Battle for Your Rights

It is not always appropriate to handle a case aggressively. When a more measured approach is best, we bring our negotiation skills and collaborative spirit to the table. But when it is time to dig in and stand our ground on your behalf, we will not stop until we have advanced your interests as much as possible.

Speak with one of our trusted trial lawyers and learn more about how we will fight for you. You may contact us online, or call our office in Melbourne, Florida, at 321-725-5638 or 800-479-3032 toll free. We serve clients throughout Brevard County and the Space Coast region.

Client Testimonials

Simply the BEST representation available in Brevard County
~ Carol

Client Testimonials

Expert, Professional, Courteous, and above all else…Relentless
~ Wendell

Client Testimonials

An attorney who will fight for you.
~ Jacqueline

Client Testimonials

By far the Best Around
~ Jamie