Melbourne Domestic Violence Injunctions Lawyers

A domestic violence injunction is a written order that is signed by the court and presented by police to a person charged with an injurious act. Injunctions for protection, or restraining orders, can be specific in their intent. They may reference:

  • Domestic violence: Against any person you have been living with, who has caused you physical injury or has caused you to be fearful of injury
  • Repeat violence: Against any person who has committed multiple acts of violence or stalking in the last six months
  • Dating violence: Against an individual with whom you have had a romantic or intimate relationship. It can also be filed on behalf of a minor child
  • Sexual violence: If you are the victim of sexual violence or the parent or guardian of a minor living at home who has been victimized by sexual violence
  • Stalking: A 2012 law created an injunction against stalking, including cyberstalking, against both adults and minors

The process for obtaining protective orders is not difficult and can be completed in a short time. You must first file a request with the court. The judge will decide whether to grant it. When a decision is made, the clerk of courts will issue you a certified copy of the order.

The firm of The Law Offices of Platt Cole Russell & Simpson PLLC defends against injunctions that are issued. We also discuss with clients the consequences of an injunction once one is entered.

Fighting for Your Safety and Security

That order is also sent to the county sheriff, who will deliver the order — serving it — to the person in question. Until this person is served with the injunction, it has no legal power. Once it is served, any violation of its terms will subject the individual to arrest.

Outbreaks of violence often occur just prior to or during divorce. We understand that this is a perilous time for our clients, and our lawyers give requests for physical protection as top priority, mindful of the stress and anxiety you are feeling.

When you need to feel safe, contact us by email or call us at our Melbourne, Florida, offices at 321-725-5638, toll free at 800-479-3032. Our attorneys will help you obtain the domestic violence injunctions you need for your peace of mind.

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