What are the laws that govern Florida’s cyclists?

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Learn about cyclists’ rights and responsibilities.

Florida’s temperate climate is one the best things about living here. While people across the country are bringing out their winter coats, we still have months of outdoor fun ahead. Cycling is a common activity year-round in Florida. Unfortunately, so are serious bike accidents and injuries.

Everyone shares responsibility for keeping the roads safe. It’s essential for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists to understand cyclists’ legal rights and obligations in Florida.

Unique hazards, equal rights

Without the protection of a steel frame, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on the road. And even the most diligent cyclists may be helpless to protect themselves in the path of a negligent driver. To protect cyclists, Florida lawmakers have given them the same legal protections as other vehicles.


  • A cyclist is entitled to a full lane in traffic.
  • Cyclists are not subject to the same prohibition on slow speeds as cars.
  • Cyclists on the sidewalk have the same rights and duties as pedestrians.


  • Cyclists may only carry the number of people for which a bike was designed.
  • Riders are required to use appropriate lights between sundown and sunrise.
  • Child seats or carriers are required for children younger than four years or less than 40 pounds.
  • Cyclists under 16 are legally required to wear helmets.

Keeping the roads safe for everyone

By understanding the legal landscape for cyclists, everyone can make better decisions on the road and avoid potentially fatal accidents. Of course, if you do become injured as a cyclist, pedestrian or driver, it is essential to contact an attorney for help.


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