Holding a drunk driver responsible through a civil lawsuit

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When you file a personal injury case against a drunk driver after an accident, you not only seek compensation. You also seek justice.

People who choose to operate a vehicle after drinking alcohol break the law. They put their own interests and desires above others’ right to safety. They deserve to be brought to justice for their actions.

Filing a lawsuit can bring resolution

When you file a personal injury case for yourself or a loved one, you have the chance to recover the following:

  • Monetary damages for lost property
  • Medical bills
  • Lost past and future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages (as punishment)

However, some people fear a lawsuit will only draw out their grief and anger at the loss of a career, a loved one and more. You may wonder if the litigation process will bring you justice but not peace.

While litigation may seem daunting now, there could be greater pain down the road if you do not seek compensation. Getting proper medical treatment and some financial help are ways to move on after a serious accident. Failing to take care of it now can have longer-lasting consequences.

A lasting effect

Personal injury cases bring consequences to drunk drivers everywhere. Your case could inspire a lawmaker to endorse a change in the community as well as raise awareness of the need to find safe ways home.

One case can affect an entire community. Holding one driver accountable holds us all to a better standard and builds safer roads everywhere. 


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