What steps can motorists take to avoid striking pedestrians?

| Mar 2, 2021 | Bicycle/pedestrian Accidents |

Countless motorists end up striking pedestrians every year, whether it’s in a parking lot, as they walk along the shoulder of the road, cross the street or engage in any number of activities.

Pedestrians who are fortunate enough to survive these accidents may suffer spinal cord or head injuries or even amputations. It’s not uncommon for pedestrians to die after being struck, though. Most of these incidents are entirely preventable if motorists take certain precautions to avoid such crashes.

What motorists can do to minimize crash risks

Drivers can reduce their chances of striking pedestrians and other motorists by removing distractions, including cellphones, other passengers and eating. Drivers can also avoid getting behind the wheels of their cars when they’re either intoxicated or drowsy, both factors that can affect a person’s motor skills.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) notes that there’s more that motorists can do to avoid crashing into pedestrians.

One step that AAA argues that motorists can take to reduce their chances of striking a pedestrian is to always use their headlights and turn signals when operating their cars. AAA notes that doing this is particularly critical at night in poorly lit areas.

AAA notes that transportation officials often set speed limits to reflect the foot traffic in an area. This is why speed limits decrease in residential communities, school zones and parking lots. AAA notes that motorists can minimize their chances of striking a pedestrian if they adhere to the speed limit and reduce it for additional factors such as traffic or wet roadways.

Another recommendation from AAA is for motorists to slow down as they approach crosswalks. They note that this is critical whether a driver initially sees anyone or not.

AAA also points out that motorists should look either way to ensure that no one is waiting to cross before traveling past any pedestrian crossings.

Be aware of pedestrian rights

Many of us enjoy taking walks to get exercise and fresh air. Few think about how the chances of returning home intact are largely contingent upon how motorists drive. A motor vehicle accidents attorney can advise you how Florida law allows you to recover compensation for injuries you suffer due to a Melbourne driver’s negligence.


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