What to expect with an ignition interlock device

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Florida motorists convicted of driving under the influence may have to use a court-ordered ignition interlock device. An IID integrates with the vehicle and requires a breath test before the driver can start the engine.

Review the facts about the Florida IID program according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Understanding IID requirements

Drivers must install an IID to qualify for license reinstatement after a DUI conviction. After a first conviction, the court can order an IID for a minimum of six months if the driver got a DUI with a minor in the car or had a blood alcohol content of at least 0.15%. The minimum increases to a year for a second conviction and two years for a third conviction or a second conviction with extenuating circumstances.

Drivers who have four or more DUIs can sometimes qualify for a hardship license. However, they must have an IID for a minimum of five years after reinstatement.

Applying for reinstatement

After getting an IID installed in the vehicle, a driver must visit the local tax collector or DMV office to receive a restricted driver’s license with a P designation. At that point, the DMV will begin counting the driver’s time toward the IID requirement. Currently, fees for license reinstatement after DUI start around $225.

Drivers may obtain an IID from one of seven certified IID providers in Florida. Individuals who need to drive an employer’s vehicle for work purposes must provide the court with a letter from the employer with permission to operate the vehicle without the IID.


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