Alcohol and pedestrian accidents

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Pedestrians face a wide variety of risks while walking near traffic. From busy intersections to poorly-lit roads and chaotic parking lots, pedestrians can become injured in accidents for various reasons. Unfortunately, many pedestrians continue to sustain injuries and lose their lives as a result of drunk drivers.

It is important for pedestrians as well as drivers to go over data on alcohol and pedestrian accidents and stay off of the road after drinking. Sadly, these accidents continue to account for many injuries and deaths every year.

Statistics on alcohol and pedestrian accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 46% of fatal pedestrian accidents involved alcohol over the course of 2019. In fact, 13% involved drivers with blood alcohol levels over the legal limit. In addition, 32% of pedestrians who lost their lives in traffic accidents during 2019 had a BAC level of .08 grams per deciliter or higher.

Throughout 2020, over 7,000 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. Furthermore, estimates suggest that pedestrian injuries accounted for 104,000 emergency department visits.

Pedestrian accident risks involving alcohol

Alcohol increases the chances of pedestrian accidents in various ways. An intoxicated driver could veer off of the road and hit a pedestrian, run through a red light or struggle to see pedestrians while operating a vehicle. On the other hand, a pedestrian under the influence could walk in front of moving vehicles or become less alert around traffic.

It is crucial for pedestrians and drivers alike to avoid alcohol before taking to the road, and for pedestrians to stand up for their rights if struck by a reckless driver.


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