3 facts to know about dog bite incidents in Florida

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Dogs are often loyal companions, fierce protectors, capable guides and beloved family members. However, even the most even-tempered dog has the potential to bite in certain circumstances.

Bite injuries can cause physical and psychological trauma and lead to sizeable health bills. Florida law holds owners liable for their canine companions’ attacks unless there are special circumstances.

1. There is a strict liability policy

The state does not abide by the one-bite rule, where an owner is not liable if the dog is previously unknown to bite or attack humans or be aggressive. Instead, it has a strict liability policy, which means owners, or caretakers responsible for dogs at the time of attacks, are liable regardless of whether the dog showed prior indications of violent behavior.

2. The owner is not necessarily on the hook for expenses

While the law does hold the owner responsible for health costs related to the dog bite injury, he or she does not necessarily have to pay all the damages. Some individuals may hesitate to pursue legal action because they do not want to financially harm a friend or family member, but homeowner’s insurance often includes an option to cover dog bites and will cover the fees.

3. Liability applies everywhere

Regardless of the location of the incident, owners are responsible for their pets’ actions. The exceptions are if the person bitten trespassed, provoked the dog or attacked the owner. However, these are not always complete defenses; judges factor in many considerations when determining damages.

According to Finances Online, the nation has over 63 million dog-owning households. The canine compatriots are an integral part of many individuals’ lives. However, they are all capable of attacks in the right circumstances, regardless of size or temperament, which their owners are legally responsible for.


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