Man charged with DUI after allegedly hitting cyclist

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A Florida man was charged with DUI after he reportedly collided with a motorcyclist participating in Bike Week. The incident happened on March 13 on U.S. 1 outside of the White Eagle Lounge.

According to Flagler County officials, witnesses reported that a Dodge Ram struck the motorcyclist. They then said they saw a man get out of the driver’s side of the truck and toss some items from the truck’s bed into the bushes nearby. When deputies questioned the man, he reportedly stated he should get an attorney. However, deputies stated the man continued talking.

Reports say that the man denied driving the vehicle. The man’s former wife was also in the truck, and she told deputies that she had been driving. Deputies looked in the bushes and reportedly found a cooler containing ice and three unopened bottles of beer. They detained the man and searched him, reportedly finding a baggie containing around 5.5 grams of marijuana in his pocket. He reportedly submitted to Breathalyzer testing, returning results of .169 percent and .158 percent in two tests. He is currently facing charges of drunk driving causing injury and possession of marijuana.

People who are charged with driving under the influence typically have the right to defend against the allegations. A criminal defense attorney might help by identifying potential defenses, interviewing available witnesses and challenging any identification procedures conducted in the case. They might also file motions to suppress evidence if there are apparent constitutional violations in the manner in which it was gathered. In some cases, it may be possible to argue with the results of a blood alcohol content test.

Source:, “Claiming He wasn’t driving, man is arrested for DUI after injuring biker in a wreck,” March 16, 2015.


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