55 individuals accused of gun and drug trafficking

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On Jan. 28, Florida law enforcement officers reported that 55 individuals were indicted after they were accused of being involved in trafficking drugs and weapons. During five separate busts, authorities reportedly seized multiple guns, grenades and ammunition that was capable of piercing bullet proof vests in addition about 500 grams of crack cocaine and several kilos of heroin.

The busts occurred in Liberty City, Miami Gardens and Little Haiti. In addition to a black-market gun selling network, authorities also reportedly indicted multiple individuals who were involved in a Miami-based crack cocaine ring and a South Florida heroin trafficking ring. The report stated that 17 individuals had not yet been taken into custody. Authorities were asking residents to contact the Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers if they had any information about the whereabouts of the remaining men and women.

Those who were in custody were expected to have their first court appearances on Jan. 29. Those who are repeat offenders potentially face extensive prison sentences.

People who are facing drug charges stemming from a drug trafficking bust are also facing serious consequences depending on the role they played in the trafficking scheme and whether or not they have prior drug convictions. A criminal defense attorney could argue that the client was not involved in the drug ring or was not knowingly involved in the trafficking or selling of the drugs. In some cases, the attorney may challenge the evidence especially if the authorities did not follow proper procedures during the investigation.

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