Synthetic drugs in Florida

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Many Florida residents have seen or read the multiple news reports regarding synthetic drugs. Some may even decide to try these drugs in the mistaken belief that they are safe and legal.

Recently, 10 people in St. Petersburg became ill after allegedly ingesting synthetic marijuana, more commonly known as “spice” or K2. As a synthetic, this drug is manufactured in labs rather than being a product of marijuana plants themselves. K2 contains a blend of synthetic drugs that are manufactured to mimic the effects of marijuana. The problem with the drug is that when people buy it, they may not understand what exactly they are buying since each batch is made separately and often by different people.

With synthetic marijuana, the government will start by making a certain blend of chemicals illegal. After the government does that, the manufacturers often just switch the formula in order to offer a blend that is not illegal. The National Institutes of Health reports that the drug can be life-threatening, depending on the actual compounds used. Authorities believe the drug is much stronger than is marijuana.

A person who is charged with possession of synthetic drugs can face harsh penalties if convicted. As a result, they may want to get legal assistance as soon as possible so that a strategy can be developed to defend against the charges. An attorney may be able to analyze what the client had at the time in order to determine whether or not the particular makeup of that particular drug was illegal at the time. If it wasn’t, the attorney may be able to fight to have the charges against the client dismissed. Another defense could be that the authorities did not have probable cause to conduct the search that resulted in the seizure of the drugs.


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